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1USD per 1m 2
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70USD per 1m 2

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Printer cost
from 6 995USD
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The principle of operation of a vertical printer and image fixing

Ink is fed through the print head - color mixing and ink spraying takes place.

When applied to a surface, the ink is instantly cured under the influence of UV rays from a special lamp. The thickness of the applied image is 500 microns, the glossiness of the image and the tactile sensations of the plastic on the surface.

"This application method provides fantastic printing possibilities on all surfaces"
Use the most extraordinary surfaces for printing
See examples of the use of such surfaces
Concrete surfaces, such as loft walls
Plaster surfaces, such as painted walls
Glass surfaces, such as showcases
Wooden surfaces, such as doors
Brick surfaces, such as decorative brick
Metal surfaces, such as sectional doors
Plastic surfaces, such as advertising signs
Can be printed on surfaces such as:
  • wood
  • plaster
  • glass
  • metal
  • plastic
  • ceramics
  • brick
  • concrete
  • leather
  • textile
Ink consumption
all colors with full fill per 1 m2
or 1 USD
«Take a bite of the pie» from artists - the vertical printing business is rapidly developing in many cities and countries!
The demand for wall or vertical printing is consistently high
Look at the statistics data for queries in the print on walls segment and adjacent segments
Wall printing Google Ads
Wall painting Google Ads
Wall decoration Google Ads
Wall stickers Google Ads
Hurry up to occupy a profitable niche in your region with LN PRINT
Order equipment for vertical printing and earn money tomorrow!
Provide demanded services with an average price of 60 USD per 1 m2.
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Printer cost

from 6 995USD
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Want to know the ROI of wall printer?
Leave a request and receive a file with financial calculations of the payback of a wall printer.
Technological printing on a vertical printer - easy for you, convenient for the customer
That's why 90% of customers will choose to print on a vertical surface with a wall printer.
Bright, saturated colors. Interior clarity.
Photorealistic, saturated images on any surfaces, which cannot be achieved with conventional acrylic paints. Even small pictures and text are clearly legible.
Fast drying. Smellless print.
Polarization of the applied ink occurs in a few seconds, so there is no need to wait for the layers to dry for several days, as when applying acrylic paints. After hardening, the paints do not smell at all.
Print speed and resolution.
Print resolution up to 2880px - quality for interior printing. Printing speed from 2 to 8 m2 per hour, depending from the print resolution and the number of passes of the print head. The printer can work without interruption for up to 8 hours.
Printing with UV inks on various vertical surfaces is already a trend
See examples of objects and surfaces you will be working on:
Painted wall
Square - 5 m2
Price: 350 USD
Prime cost: 5 USD
Painted wall
Square - 39 m2
Price: 1 950 USD
Prime cost: 39 USD
Painted wall
Square - 25 m2
Price: 1 250 USD
Prime cost: 25 USD
Painted wall
Square - 300 m2
Price: 12 000 USD
Prime cost: 300 USD
Brick wall
Square - 160 m2
Price: 7 200 USD
Prime cost: 160 USD
Glass partitions
Square - 18 m2
Price: 990 USD
Prime cost: 18 USD
Painted wall
Square - 30 m2
Price: 1 500 USD
Prime cost: 30 USD
Painted wall
Square - 95 m2
Price: 4 250 USD
Prime cost: 95 USD
Painted wall
Square - 10 m2
Price: 600 USD
Prime cost: 10 USD
Vertical LN PRINT printers are not clones of Chinese printers! At the moment, more than 32 modules and nodes have been changed.
Components have been replaced with high-quality analogs or modernized by our engineers.
Stackable vertical rack
The stackable stand allows you to easily control the print height. Decrease or increase the print height. Just install / remove additional modules 10, 20, 30 cm.
Original control boards
Genuine Epson boards allow you to get stable quality and high productivity printing results.
Reinforced drive belts
The drive belts are reinforced with a steel braid to increase their lifespan and reduce post-warranty replacements.
Reliable power supplies and electrics
The electrical part is provided by reliable manufacturers from Korea, Taiwan. Top models are equipped with electrics from Schneider Electric (Germany).
Brand detectors and sensors
Detectors and sensors replaced with mainland China production. Depending on the modification, they can be equipped with OMRON detectors and sensors (Japan).
Complete set for work
When you buy a complete set printer, you get a ready-to-use kit, including a powerful 15' laptop, USB key, rail kit, technical maintenance kit, belt kit, etc.
Features of LN PRINT models
Engineers have worked hard to ensure that each element is reliable, durable and easy to use.
2 printheads

One for printing with color ink, the other for printing with white ink

5 ink colors CMYK+W

Color ink CMYK (4 colors). White ink.

EPSON Printheads

Reliable Epson UV printheads

Collapsible parts

The printer can be easily divided into 4 parts for transportation.

Types of models and complete sets of wall printers LN PRINT
Choose the model that suits your needs - from private orders to government contracts
Vertical stand
3 m.
Stackable rack
4 section
Print resolution
2160 px.
Print margins*
4 sides
25 cm
17 cm
27 cm
16 cm
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on request
Vertical stand
3.5 m.
Stackable rack
6 section
Print resolution
2160 px.
Print margins*
4 sides
25 cm
14 cm
27 cm
17 cm
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Printer cost from
on request
Vertical stand
4 m.
Stackable rack
8 section
Print resolution
2880 px.
Print margins*
4 sides
25 cm
14 cm
21 cm
17 cm
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Printer cost
on request
Indisputable advantages of LN PRINT over other manufacturers
Choose a reliable company and equipment that is easy and simple to work with
International guarantee
Warranty up to 12 months for the most expensive parts and components of the printer.
100% commissioning and start-up
We help with commissioning, you will receive a 100% ready-to-use printer.
Own warehouse
Spare parts, consumables, materials are always available.
Help from engineers
Chat with engineers for technical part, errors, settings and printing.
Step by step instructions
Electronic photo-video instructions for assembling and working with programs.
EU, USA, TR CU certification
Equipment and ink passed international certification.
Confused about choosing the right wall printer?
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